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Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton, (4 Januari 1643 - 31 Maret 1727; KJ: 25 Desember 1642 – 20 Maret 1727) adalah seorang fisikawan, matematikawan, ahli astronomi dan juga ahli kimia yang berasal dari Inggris. Beliau merupakan pengikut aliran heliosentris dan ilmuwan yang sangat berpengaruh sepanjang sejarah, bahkan dikatakan sebagai bapak ilmu fisika modern.

Dengan berbagai hasil karya ilmiah yang dicapainya, Isaac Newton menulis sebuah buku Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, dimana pada buku tersebut dideskripsikan mengenai teori gravitasi secara umum, berdasarkan hukum gerak yang ditemukannya, dimana benda akan tertarik ke bawah karena gaya gravitasi. Bekerja sama dengan Gottfried Leibniz, Isaac Newton mengembangkan teori kalkulus. Isaac Newton merupakan orang pertama yang menjelaskan tentang teori gerak dan berperan penting dalam merumuskan gerakan melingkar dari hukum Kepler, dimana memperluas hukum tersebut dengan beranggapan bahwa suatu orbit gerakan melingkar tidak harus selalu berbentuk …

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button review

Review in a Hurry: So Brad Pitt keeps getting younger, Cate Blanchett keeps getting older. You know, exactly the opposite of what happens in real life.The Bigger Picture: As curiosities go, it's the pedigree of Benjamin Button that has the most quirk: an F. Scott Fitzgerald oddity about a man born old and aging young, brought to the big screen by David Fincher (Se7en, Zodiac). Fincher is a fine director and technician, but whimsy has never been in his bailiwick.Perhaps he's growing into it. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button—scripted by Eric Roth, who also did Forrest Gump, though thankfully this is much less cloying—follows the whole of the charmed life of Benjamin (Pitt), from his early years in New Orleans (in a nursing home, natch), to his adventuresome coming-of-age, to his star-crossed relationship with childhood sweetheart Daisy (Blanchett).The story is replete with thoughtful detail and keen observation, and the actors know exactly how much and how little to take seri…

Twilight Was Bigger than Dark Knight?!

With a $167.3 million overall domestic take as Sunday, per Box Office Mojo, Twilight made more than four times its reported $37 million production budget—the best rate of return on any film in the 2008 Top 10, including The Dark Knight.The Batman epic was a pretty good investment, too, very nearly tripling its gargantuan $185 million budget with a $530.8 million domestic take, Hollywood's second-biggest ever.Still, The Dark Knight was nothing compared to these off-the-charts performers: High School Musical 3: Senior Year ($89.7 million), which grossed about eight times its $11 million budget; the Hannah Montana concert movie, which made about nine times its $7 million budget; and Cameron's Fireproof, which cost $500,000 to produce, and made $33.1 million—or, more than 60 times its budget.Other winners—and losers—of the box-office year that was, per stats from Box Office Mojo and

Madonna, Guy: Mega Divorce Settlement "Inaccurate"

The former fun couple have issued a joint statement attempting to play down the exorbitant figures, announced via email by her longtime publicist Liz Rosenberg to E! News and other media outlets Monday. Per Rosenberg, Madonna had agreed to pay Ritchie somewhere between $76 million and $92 million to make their marriage go away.While the exes say they are satisfied with the arrangement, which puts an end to any bickering over money, they labeled the initial quote "inaccurate.""We have tried to maintain a dignified silence regarding the details of our divorce for the last few months whilst accepting the obvious media interest. A misleading and inaccurate statement, specifically in relation to the sums of money involved, was wrongly issued...this week," their statement begins."The financial details of the settlement will remain private, save to say that both of us are happy with our agreement. Our primary concern, like any co-parents, is the care and well-being o…

Cameron Diaz's Hot Dinner Date With Paul Sculfor

The emphasis for Cameron Diazand Paul Sculfor is on keeping things hot and heavy.The twosome stepped out to E. Baldi restaurant in Beverly Hills Friday night for a PDA-packed dinner. "They were all over each other," an eyewitness tells E! News. "Get a room!"Cam and Paul fed each other bites of their five-course meal, including bruschetta, salad, pasta, fish and dessert. Instead of drinking, they both sipped regular Coke.The duo continued to kiss and hug, paying no attention to fellow diners."She looked so happy," an eyewitness tells E! News. "They were completely smitten with each other. It was like no one else existed."

Keanu Reeves Cleared of Pap Smear

Keanu Revees' excellent court adventure has just come to an end. After a little more than an hour of deliberations this morning, a Los Angeles jury has cleared the Bill and Ted star in a civil trial brought by a vengeful paparazzo who claimed he was run over by Reeves.The decision means Reeves has escaped his legal matrix without having to break open the bank for the plaintiff.Alison Silva had been seeking $704,974 in compensatory damages from the Speedster, including medical bills and lost wages, stemming from injuries supposedly sustained in March 2007, when Reeves was pulling out of a parking lot amid a shutterbug swarm.According to Team Silva, he permanently injured his left wrist after getting knocked down by the the 44-year-old actor's Porsche.Silva's credibility was undermined during cross-examination by Reeves' attorney, who played a video showing the plaintiff scaling a razor-wire fence to shoot video of Britney Spears and then using his left hand to brace him…


Tokoh kedua dalam seratus tokoh yaitu Nabi Isa As, pengaruh Nabi Isa terhadap sejarah begitu jelas. Dalam perjalanan waktu agama kekristenan sudah memperoleh pemeluk lebih besar dari agama lain. Tidaklah seperti agama Islam, agama Nasrani ditegakkan bukan oleh seorang melainkan dua yaitu Nabi Isa dan St. Paul karena itu pengakuan jasa-jasa ata perkembangan agama itu harus dibagi sama antara ketua tokoh itu. Nabi Isa meletakkan dasar pokok etika kekritenan termasuk pandangan spiritual erta ide pokok mengenai tingkah laku manusia, sedangkan teologi Kristen dikelola dasar-dasarnya oleh St. Paul. Nabi Isa mempersembahkan pesan-pesan spiritual sedangkan St. Paul menambahkannya ke dalam bentuk pemujaan terhadap Isa.
Kepercayaan dasar Islam tentang Isa

Beberapa kepercayaan yang dianut ummat Islam mengenai Isa antara lain :
Silsilah nabi Isa tersambung kepada nabi Ibrahim melalui putranya Ishak
Isa adalah salah satu nabi yang tergolong dalam ulul azmi, yakni nabi dan rasul yang memiliki kedudukan…

Biography Conrad Nicholson Hilton - Kisah Bisnis Si Raja Hotel Dunia

Hilton mencapai ketenaran dan kekayaan bukan berkat bakat administrasi yang dibutuhkan untuk menjalankan suatu usaha hotel mewah, melainkan berkat ketajaman bisnisnya. Hilton menguasai keahlian keuangan dan menjadi seorang yang pandai bernegosiasi, sangat cerdas dalam segala transaksi. Lebih dari itu, Hilton seperti memiliki suatu indera keenam sangat peka yang memungkinkan dia memilih waktu dengan tepat, dan bermata jeli untuk melihat kesempatan dalam investasi yang menguntungkan. Hilton sering menggunakan prinsip dasar sebagai berikut: Pilihlah orang-orang yang kompeten, tempatkan mereka pada posisi kunci dan secara implisit pada keputusan hati mereka.

Hilton dilahirkan pada 25 Desember 1887 di San Antonio, New Mexico. Ia anak kedua dari delapan bersaudara, dan anak lelaki pertama. Ayahnya, Augustus Hover Hilton, yang secara akrab dipanggil “Gus” dilahirkan di Oslo tahun 1854 dan telah berpindah ke Amerika Serikat pada tahun 1960-an. Beberapa lama Gus Hilton tinggal di Fort Dodge, Io…
With suitors like this, it's no wonder Lindsay Lohan has shied away from the company of men.A man accused of stalking the actress was busted in Scottsdale, Ariz., early this morning, after making an aggressive play for Lohan's attention as she and gal-pal Samantha Ronson exited a local nightclub.The dynamic duo were on their way out of Scottsdale's Jackrabbit Lounge, where Ronson had been on official spinning duty, at roughly 1:30 a.m., when 38-year-old Daniel Combs lunged for the actress."The gentleman became very excited when he realized he was so close to Samantha, and he has a history of being a stalker with Lindsay Lohan, so he immediately attacked her and started yelling 'I love her, I love her,' " the club's owner, Dan Wierck, told the local ABC affiliate.Bodyguards and police were quick to tackle the man—photos of him being detained are already making the rounds thanks to an intrepid local blogger—and Lohan and Ronson were subsequently ushered…

Jessica Alba's a Calendar Girl!

Hot mama Jessica Alba has a new gig: the face (and body) of Club Campari's 2009 calendar.In the sultry pictures shot by Mario Testino in Malibu, she shows off her bangin' postbaby body."I’m usually walking around in comfy clothes with a baby on my arm, and it’s nice to dress things up and feel sophisticated, sexy and surrounded by so much beauty," Jess said of her steamy shoot. "Also being surrounded by Brazilian models made it even easier!"

David Beckhams' Sticky-Fingered Ex-Employees Cleared

This is one instance where Posh won't be able to say, "Charge it."In fact, no charges will be filed against the Emmett family, the former employees of Victoria and David Beckhamaccused of swiping the couple's stuff and selling it on eBay.Eric and June Emmett, along with son Gareth, were arrested in October after the Spice Girl's mother noticed some of her daughter's belongings up for auction by a seller called "Posh and Becks."The items, including several of the soccer star's jerseys and shoes and the fashionista's dresses, were then realized to be missing from Beckhingham Palace."After consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service, no further action has been taken at this stage against the three people arrested in connection with an allegation of theft from the Sawbridgeworth home of David and Victoria Beckham," Hertfordshire police said in a statement.Upon his arrest, Eric Emmett declared the allegations "fabricated nonsen…

Paris Hilton and Benji Party Together at D&G

Could a reunion be in the works for Paris Hilton and Benji Madden?It certainly looked that way tonight. The two arrived mere minutes apart for the grand opening of the D&G boutique on Robertson Boulevard hosted by Rachel Bilson.Paris was doing interviews on the carpet as Nicole Richie andJoel Madden arrived together at the event, which benefitted Art of Elysium. After Nic and Joel took photos, they brushed right past Paris without even saying hello and headed inside the soiree.But when Benji arrived right behind them, it was another story...Paris' ex-boyfriend stopped to greet her in mid-interview, and the two went inside the store together, where she quickly pulled him into a private corner so they could talk.The usually photo-happy heiress waved off photogs as the former couple chatted cozily together. After grabbing drinks at the bar, Paris quickly approached Nicole to say hi, and then she and Benji headed out to the smoking patio for some more quiet conversation.Both Paris…

Pam Anderson: Mystery Guest Flashes Her Breasts

Pamela Anderson has no problem getting naked in public. But sometimes it's not even intentional!The buxom blonde accidentally flashed her breasts to an entire studio audience during a taping yesterday of Osbournes: Reloaded, a new upcoming variety show hosted by Sharon, Ozzy, Kelly and Jack Osbourne
Anderson's breast boo-boo happened during a skit called "Guess the Guest," according to an eyewitness."The Osbournes blindfold themselves and ask the guest questions to guess who they are," my source says. "Pam was sprawled on the stage, but when she got up, the top half of her dress completely flopped forward exposing everything."The Osbournes never actually saw what happened because they remained blindfolded. "They heard it all and were very confused," the source says. "It was very funny."Will the blooper make it on air? Looks like it, because they did not do a redo.A rep for the show insists none of Anderson's naughty bits wer…

Biography Wiranto - Karier Militer dan Politik

Wiranto, lahir di Solo, 4 April 1947, adalah seorang politikus Indonesia. Wiranto menjabat Panglima TNI periode 1998-1999. Ayahnya, RS Wirowijoto adalah seorang guru sekolah dasar, dan ibunya bernama Suwarsijah. Pada usia sebulan, Wiranto dibawa pindah oleh orang tuanya ke Surakarta akibat agresi Belanda yang menyerang kota Yogyakarta. Di Surakarta inilah ia kemudian bersekolah hingga menamatkan Sekolah Menengah Pertama.


Namanya melejit setelah menjadi ADC Presiden Suharto tahun 1987-1991. Setelah sebagai ajudan presiden, karir militer Wiranto semakin menanjak ketika tampil sebagai Kasdam Jaya, Pangdam Jaya, Pangkostrad, dan KSAD.
Selepas KSAD, ia ditunjuk Presiden Soeharto menjadi Pangab (sekarang Panglima TNI) pada Maret 1998. Pada masa itu terjadi pergantian pucuk kepemimpinan nasional. Posisinya yang sangat strategis menempatkannya sebagai salah satu pemain kunci bersama Wakil Presiden B.J. Habibie. Ia tetap dipertahankan sebagai Pangab di era Presiden Habibie.

Tequila made Heidi and Spence say ‘I do’

LOS ANGELES - Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt apparently had some liquid motivation for their "elopement." The Monday episode of MTV's "The Hills" chronicling the reality TV couple's supposedly surprise wedding ceremony depicted Pratt, 25, and Montag, 22, agreeing to exchange vows after downing several shots of tequila while vacationing near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico."You don't have to tell anyone," Pratt told an intoxicated Montag. "It's our secret marriage."But it was never much of a secret. The pair appeared on the Nov. 26 cover of Us Weekly with the headline "Heidi & Spencer Elope!" The accompanying story featured an interview with the pair and photos of the so-called impromptu ceremony, which the couple later acknowledged was symbolic, and not legally binding. The story didn't note that they had never obtained a marriage license.The ceremony itself wasn't featured on Monday's episode. Instead, the pair …

Nabi Muhammad S.A.W

Mengapa disini menempatkan nabi Muhammad sebagai tokoh pertama dalam seratus tokoh? disini saya akan menjawabnya karena beliau adalah seorang yang berpengaruh dalam pengembagan agama islam di indonesia dan sekaligus rasul dan nabi yang saya imani

Muhammad (bahasa Arab: محمد, juga dikenal sebagai Mohammad, Mohammed, dan kadang-kadang oleh orientalisMahomet, Mahomed) adalah pembawa ajaran Islam, dan diyakini oleh umat Muslim sebagai nabiAllah (Rasul) yang terakhir. Menurut biografi tradisional Muslimnya (dalam bahasa Arab disebut sirah), ia lahir sekitar tahun 570, diperkirakan 20 April570 di Mekkah (atau "Makkah") dan wafat pada 8 Juni632 di Madinah. Kedua kota tersebut terletak di daerah Hejaz (Arab Saudi saat ini)."Muhammad" dalam bahasa Arab berarti "dia yang terpuji". Muslim mempercayai bahwa ajaran Islam yang dibawa oleh Muhammad adalah penyempurnaan dari agama-agama yang dibawa oleh nabi-nabi sebelumnya. Mereka memanggilnya dengan gelar Rasulullah (رس…

Biography Mocthar Riady - Pendiri Grup Lippo

Orang banyak mengenal Mochtar Riady sebagai seorang praktisi perbankan jempolan dan seorang konglomerat yang visioner, pandangannya yang jauh ke depan dan sarat dengan filosofi menjadi panutan banyak para pengusaha dan para pelaku pasar.

Mochtar Riady sudah bercita-cita menjadi seorang bankir di usia 10 tahun. Ketertarikan Mocthar Riady yang dilahirkan di Malang pada tanggal 12 mei 1929 ini disebabkan karena setiap hari ketika berangkat sekolah, dia selalu melewati sebuah gedung megah yang merupakan kantor dari Nederlandsche Handels Bank (NHB) dan melihat para pegawai bank yang berpakaian perlente dan kelihatan sibuk.

Mochtar Riady adalah anak seorang pedagang batik. Pada tahun 1947, Riady ditangkap oleh pemerintah Belanda dan di buang ke Nanking, Cina, di sana ia kemudian mengambil kuliah filosofi di University of Nanking. Namun, karena ada perang, Mocthar Riady pergi ke Hongkong hingga tahun 1950 dan kemudian kembali ke Indonesia.
Mochtar Riady masih sangat ingin menjadi seorang bankir…

Biography Bill Gates - Perjalanan Bisnis Microsoft

William Henry Gates III lahir pada tahun 1955, anak kedua dari tiga bersaudara dalam keadaan sosialnya terkemuka di Seattle, Washington. Ayahnya seorang pengacara dengan perusahaan yang punya banyak koneksi di kota, dan ibunya seorang guru, yang aktif dalam kegiatan amal. Bill seorang anak yang cerdas, tetapi dia terlalu penuh semangat dan cenderung sering mendapatkan kesulitan di sekolah. Ketika dia berumur sebelas tahun, orang tuanya memutuskan untuk membuat perubahan dan mengirimnya ke Lakeside School, sebuah sekolah dasar yang bergengsi khusus bagi anak laki-laki.

Di Lakeside itulah pada tahun 1968 Gates untuk pertama kalinya diperkenalkan dengan dunia komputer, dalam bentuk mesin teletype yang dihubungkan dengan telepon ke sebuah komputer pembagian waktu. Mesin ini, yang disebut ASR-33, keadaannya masih pasaran. Pada pokoknya ini sebuah mesin ketik yang kedalamnya siswa bisa memasukkan perintah yang dikirimkan kepada komputer; jawaban kembali diketikkan ke gulungan kertas pada tel…

Biography Surya Paloh - Perjalanan Kisah Hidup

Surya Paloh, 40 tahun, lahir di Tanah Rencong, di daerah yang tak pernah dijajah Belanda. Ia besar di kota Pematang Siantar, Sumut, di daerah yang memunculkan tokoh-tokoh besar semacam TB Simatupang, Adam Malik, Parada Harahap, A.M. Sipahutar, Harun Nasution. Ia menjadi pengusaha di kota Medan, daerah yang membesarkan tokoh PNI dan tokoh bisnis TD Pardede. Aktifitas politiknya yang menyebabkan Surya Paloh pindah ke Jakarta, menjadi anggota MPR dua periode. Justru di kota metropolitan ini, kemudian Surya Paloh terkenal sebagai seorang pengusaha muda Indonesia.

Surya Paloh mengenal dunia bisnis tatkala ia masih Remaja. Sambil Sekolah ia berdagang teh, ikan asin, karung goni, dll. Ia membelinya dari dua orang ‘toke’ sahabat yang sekaligus gurunya dalam dunia usaha, lalu dijual ke beberapa kedai kecil atau ke perkebunan (PTP-PTP). Di Medan, Surya Paloh mendirikan perusahaan karoseri sekaligus menjadi agen penjualan mobil.

Sembari berdagang, Surya Paloh juga menekuni kuliahnya di Fakultas Hu…

Brad Pitt comes to Angelina Jolie’s defense

Brad Pitt’s interview in Rolling Stone is getting lots of attention because he revealed that he and Angelina Jolie don’t fight (“I don’t want to waste time being angry at someone I love,” he says). But perhaps more interesting is his response to the recent New York Times piece that outlined an agreement he and Jolie allegedly struck with People magazine when they published their most recent family photos. “It sounded to me like the story made Angie out to be manipulative in some way," Pitt said. "And (the writer is) totally missing the point. She is savvy. … It doesn’t sound like this guy understands that when it came to the birth of our children, a huge bounty was placed on their heads. And people were going to go to incredible lengths to get it. … in our mind, People magazine does more things about the positive spirit of people, so that’s how we came to our decision.” It’s good to see Pitt defending his (and Jolie’s) decision publicly — most celebrities who sell photos of …

Britney Celebrate Her 27th Birthday

December 2 was a big day for Britney Spears: she performed live on “Good Morning America,” her new album “Circus” dropped, and it was her 27th birthday. Spears celebrated in a way that came as a surprise to some: with a party at Tenjune, a rather trendy Manhattan nightclub.“She’s been so careful with her image lately, it came as a surprise that she’d turn around and have her party at a club,” said one person in the Spears inner circle. “We don’t expect anything bad to happen, but it just sounds like trouble on the surface.”That said, “Everyone’s really excited that Britney’s back,” says another person who was privy to some of the party planning. “And it’s not about it (the party) being at a nightclub, it’s about what’s going to happen in the space.”At about 10:15 p.m., Spears, her parents Jamie and Lynne and manager Larry Rudolph arrived at Tenjune. Some of the VIP friends in attendance: Lance Bass, Rob Buckley from "Lipstick Jungle," Josh Lucas, Heidi Klum, Jeremy Piven and…

Jessica Simpson wants to study theology

You may remember that we recently reported that US singer and actress Jessica Simpson had a superb blonde moment when she dreamed her way into Niketown. Well, it looks like it was merely a random lapse of her superb and superior intellect, because Jessica now has plans to attend college in order to gain a qualification in theology.Now theology is a fearsome subject, full of world history and various philosophies from around the world, both of which need to be studied in order to even scrape the surface of the subject. It throws up questions such as 'Why are we here?', 'Is there a God?' and apparently 'Has Dan Brown written the most important book since the Bible?'.Jessica told Marie Claire magazine about the Road to Damascus experience that awoke her interest in this complex subject."I've been contemplating taking a college course in religion. I love religion. I remember whenever the book 'The Da Vinci Code' came out, the Discovery Channel did …

Beyoncé: How to Be a "Fierce" Diva

With a new album and two movies on the horizon, it appears the Season of Beyoncé has begun. Then again, one could argue that it's always Beyoncé season. Two years ago, it was all about the release of her second CD, "B'Day" and her starring role in the movie "Dreamgirls." Last year, her "Irreplaceable" was up for a top Grammy and she was on a world tour. And this year, besides a high-profile Grammy performance with Tina Turner, her hush-hush marriage to Jay-Z and appearances on hit remixes with Justin Timberlake and Usher generated headlines. Though it may have been hard to tell, she actually did take a yearlong hiatus from recording music. "I think I did need to take a break. I honestly did," she says, sitting on a sleek chair in an even sleeker hotel room during a recent interview. "I needed to take a break even personally so I could relax and appreciate all the things that I worked for." Of course, Beyoncé being Beyoncé, …

About Flirting With Forty Movie

Jackie is a divorced mother of two on the brink of her 40th birthday. When her kids go to stay with her ex for the holidays, Jackie decides to go on a tropical holiday. While on vacation, this divorcee winds up having a scorching romance with a much younger man — one who is seriously sexy too. It’s not long before Jackie discovers that life is just beginning for her at age 40. Starring Heather Locklear and Robert Buckley; it’s based on the hit book by (and the real-life adventures of) author Jane Porter.

The Grammy Nominations Were Announced Wednesday Night

The Grammy Nominations were announced Wednesday night and the evening's two big surprises were….

Lil Wayne leading the field with noms and Katy Perry getting robbed!

With more nominations than anyone, Wayne scored eight noms, followed by Coldplay with seven, and Jay-Z, Ne-Yo and Kanye West each earned six nods.

Despite having one of the biggest worldwide hits of the year, Katy Perry was shut out of all categories except Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

She wasn't even nominated for Best New Artist, yet the Jonas Brothers were. That's just wrong!

We love the Jonai but they just released their THIRD album and really broke to prominence in 2007. They should NOT have been nominated!

While Katy got close to no love from the Grammys this year, several others of our faves did get lots of noms and affection.

Adele scored four nominations! They are Best New Artist, as well as Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, Record of the Year and Song of the Year for Chasing Pavements.

Leoan Lewis got…

Why did K-Fed start spilling beans on Britney?

Ever since Britney Spears’ big breakdown, her ex-husband Kevin Federline has been approached by nearly every publication in the celebrity business about telling his side of the story.

There are two schools of thought on the subject. The more cynical comes from a former associate of Federline’s: “He doesn’t do anything unless there is a financial motive behind it, period. There’s a fee connected to everything he does. He gets a substantial amount of money from Britney, yes, but he wants to make his own money too, and he knows that he’s sitting on a gold mine when it comes to the ‘real’ story of Britney.” The other take is that Federline is just giving the people what they want. “He’s been hounded for more than a year about telling his side of things," says another source. "He’s just tossing a little out there in a place he trusts so that he can move on. He didn’t betray her in the interview, he did what he felt was the right thing to do given the circumstances.” Klum wooing B…